Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 16th, The Art of Marjorie Van Cura

Opening Reception : June 16th 6pm-9pm
On View : June 16th - 30th

We are proud to present works by Marjorie Van Cura as the first of many on going solo shows in our newly designed Art Salon: The Widows Watch.


Marjorie Van Cura was born in Madison, Wisconsin and grew up in central Massachusetts. Her mother, a former portrait artist, was her first art teacher. Her father is a computer programmer with a diagnostics laboratory for neurological disorders. Marjorie has a BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She has had additional studies at the Worcester Art Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Marjorie Van Cura perceives her work as social commentary, informed by several themes of interest that include the origin and genetic make-up of species, the phenomenon of evolution, and issues of identity, alienation, and community in our Digital Age. Her mixed-media paintings combine graphic, Op-art aesthetics with invented hybrid creatures, or Chimeras, that contain human-animal-mechanical parts. She creates these Chimera figures by collaging together digital photographs of various components culled from the internet. She then draws a final version of the hybrid to use as a foundation for each of her paintings. Images are created when she places and transfers the drawing by hand several times within each composition. Optical color relationships and repetitions of shape and line dissolve into a complex pattern and create a visually intense, visceral experience.

Marjorie Van Cura has instructed students in drawing and painting courses at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, Boston Architectural Center, Abington Art Center and the University of Pennsylvania. She has been a guest critic for art classes at New York Academy of Art, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute and Catholic University. Marjorie Van Cura currently resides in New York and maintains a studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Images are online at

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Event! March 27th-28th

illustrations and soft-core embroideries

the art of

Sat. Mar. 27th - Sun. Mar. 28th

Reception Sat. 27th 5pm-10pm

Rebecca Levi
Born and raised in New York City, Rebecca Levi is a Brooklyn-based artist who collects found images and ephemera from flea markets, vintage male physique magazines, pornography, and other sources to transform them into graphically vibrant and original ink drawings and embroideries on fabric. Her work has previously been shown at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn and the Katharine Mulherin Gallery in Toronto.

Check out more here :

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 26th : Time and Place

Much like an old photograph, a vintage garment preserves the life and identity of a person. Time and Place explores the power photography and clothing have to evoke emotions and conjure memories. Photographs and garments from a variety of time periods will be on view to relate how we connect places, people and the past.

Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST IN SPACE : March 24th-25th

Works on Paper by


On View : March 24th - 25th afternoon

Opening Reception : 24th 6pm-10pm
Closing Reception : 25th 6pm-10pm

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Night March. 20th

Eight Count Catalog

Eight Count Catalog is a curation of eight separate artists exploring different avenues within the creative process. This work has been collected in a book, or catalog format, making the art accessible to a wide audience of people. The book will be roughly 45 pages and include photography, drawing, collage, and writing samples from the eight different artists. Artists are featured below with links to reviews and samples of their work.

By: Katie Hegarty and Alexandra Barlow

BOOK RELEASE PARTY: Saturday March 20th 6pm-10pm

*Limited copies for purchase

Artist Include:

Angie Nagel: Writer

Calvin LeCompte: Artist/Musician

Christelle De Castro: Photographer

Clip’d Beaks: Band

Clynton Lowry: Artist

Damacio Ruiz: Performance Artist

Kylea Borges: Artist

Yudi Echevarria: Photographer

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A Treasure Chest of everything you have all ways wanted!

All day long
Vintage Treasures
Homemade Treats

and make sure to stop by for the
Kombucha class
and buy a Kombucha starter kit!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 12th-14th Brooklyn Represents

Homemade: Brooklyn,

a three-day pop up event that showcases all locally made products

Co- Sponsored by The Shiny Squirrel and Sew Moni

Free DIY Classes, Lectures, and Giveaways

March 12 to 14, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm


Kill Devil Hill

170 Franklin St

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Friday, March 5, 2010

March 7th-11th : ART

Kill Devil Hill Presents
My Father, Robert Brockman
works on canvas and inventions
Curated by Mary Brockman

Hapuna Umberelas Hapuna Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

On View: March 7th - 11th 1pm-8pm

Closing Reception: Thursday, March 11th 6pm-11pm

My Father, Robert Brockman is curated to tell the tale of the multi-faceted and unique collection of ideas from all one man, my father. His work is a combination of paintings on canvas of the world that surrounds him to the inventions for the improvement of everyday life. A true Renaissance man, whose full spectrum of work will be combined for the first time in his first solo show in NY.

dad patent

Robert Brockman- Born in 1945 to grape farmers in the small farming town of Delano, California. Brockman began painting at a young age, entering local art contests and winning awards. By 18 he had won 1st place in the Kern County Fair art contest, leading him to become the director of the Delano Art Association. Brockman was soon asked to be the director of the Cunningham Art Gallery in Bakersfield, CA, at which time family and children lead him to take a different direction in life. Art became a sideline to designing various inventions, including the first domestically used irrigation system, golf spikes, disposable gas masks, mail shield opening systems and most recently a line of all-natural bug repellent. Brockman has continued painting throughout his life, from his heart and the landscapes that surround him.

Mary Brockman
, Co-owner of Kill Devil Hill. Recently co-organized the exhibition and sale of The Menus of Chanterelle (2010), a retrospective of thirty years of contemporary art designed exclusively for the menus of the pioneering downtown restaurant, Chanterelle.
Kill Devil Hill, named best new antique shop of 2009 by the Village Voice, is spending February and March hosting a variety of pop-up shops and revolving art shows only to return with a bang April 1st.
Kill Devil Hill
170 Franklin St. Greenpoint Brooklyn NY
ph. 347.534.3088

March 6th : ALL DAY LONG

You Are Invited To Experience The Unique Lifestyle Of The Modern Day Pin-up Girl.

Please join us on Saturday March 6th, 2010 to celebrate the launch of Laura Rebel Angel's new Pin-up and Psychobilly influenced Accessory line, “Dollsville, NYC.” It will be a memorable afternoon filled with Live Music, Djs, Hair and Make-up tutorials, Raffles, Refreshments and of course, Shopping!

“The Modern Day Pin-up doesn’t just pout and pose in front of the camera. She brings a little bit of Glamour, Whimsy and Confidence into her everyday life, leading with a smile and leaving with a wink.”

---Laura Rebel Angel of Dollsville, NYC

Print out the below Flyer for 10% off All Merchandise from 11am-4pm.

Live Band 8pm

Rockabilly and Honky-Tonk featuring Members of the Arkhams, and Laura Rebel Angel.

Make-Up Tutorial 7pm

Legendary RocketJ from Pin Up Finishing School will be showing everyone her secrets and tricks for that flawless pin-up face.

Hair Tutorial 6pm

Ever wonder the differences between Liberty Curls or Barrel Curls? Or how to rock the Faux Rockabilly Bangs? Legendary RocketJ from Pin Up Finishing School will be showing everyone how to achieve beautiful vintage looks in no time flat.

Raffles 12pm, 2pm and 4 pm

Yes, That would be FREE STUFF! 3 lucky ladies, or gents who drop their names into the Vintage Punch Bowl will receive gifts from Dollsville, NYC

NYC’s Top Rockabilly Djs-All Day

DJ The Dutchman

Jukebox Jodi

Laura Rebel Angel

About Dollsville, NYC

Dollsville, NYC’s new line of Pin-up and Psychobilly inspired accessories range from the whimsical and sassy to the sophisticated and glamorous by NYC local Laura Rebel Angel.

Care and attention is paid to every piece, varying from hand formed and crafted clay skulls, eyeballs and spiders peering from inside beautiful hair flowers, to Cocktail Hats with hand sewn and sculpted fabric flowers from reclaimed vintage fabrics and millinery netting. Accessories for day or night, for the demure kitten or sex kittens, everyone is Welcomed to Dollsville, NYC.

About Avi Ky Jewelry

Inspired by nature and vintage pieces. Each piece is hand-crafted with silver and gold plated findings, and semi precious stones.

About Pin Up Finishing School

Pin Up Finishing School offers workshops in pin up style to women of all ages*, sizes and lifestyles in a fun and supportive environment.

If you've gazed wistfully at classic pin up pictures by Elvgren, Petty and Vargas and wished that you could be that confident, sassy, sexy gal with the twinkle in her eye then this is the class for you!

About Enz’s Boutique

This fifties-inspired boutique has undergone several reincarnations through the years—first as a local hangout for enfants terribles like Lou Reed and Debbie Harry in the seventies, then as a destination for full-on rocker-chic ensembles on St. Mark’s in the eighties. Now settled into a slim space on Second Avenue, Enz’s has reinvented itself once again as an outfitter of modern-day pinups and rockabillies. The shop is known for its weekly shuffle of nipped-waist dresses, most designed by owner Mariann Marlowe.

About Petunia Jewelry

Petunia Jewelry grew out of an interest in the beauty that is found in all the things that surround us. Inspiration stems from nature and the way that it includes what some may call imperfections, but which actually makes each piece unique and exclusive.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday March 2nd : ART

Kill Devil Hill Presents: Leftovers

Participating artists; Lillian Gerson, Rachel Steinberg, Ben Hall and Dave Whelan

Reception: Tuesday, March 2nd, 6:00 - 10:00 PM

170 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY.Each of the works in Leftovers concerns itself with the transformation of twice displaced debris, displaced once from its original function and again from its discarded setting. Through castoff materials, both industrial and domestic, the artists allude to the potential of the forgotten. At times infused with social commentary, the works envision a future both threatening and hopeful. The artists breath new life into found objects, commonplace materials, and lost landscapes.

Recently Gerson's work has been concerned with methods of display and information distribution. She often deals with the language of institutional authority, especially as employed by museums. Display cases, vitrines, shelving, detailed labeling, and lighting all create a platform for what we understand to be reality. Gerson mixes this clinical language with information that may or may not be true, data that is unbelievable or wholly invented. For Leftovers, Gerson has physically fused the real and the invented. These meticulous hybrids allows the viewer to intimately know and understand the minute and banal.

"I trust the spiritual, dream-like haze, the delusion that lingers after disaster: a mixture of hope, idealism and nihilism." Here, Dave Whelan exhibits photographs from his latest site-specific painting. Hidden along Boston's rocky coast are the remains of several WW2 military bunkers. Once an outpost for young soldiers searching for German submarines, these bunkers are now frequented by teenage vandals, summer sweet hearts and dreamers alike. Whelan's paintings wait patiently for the next explorer to arrive.

Rachel Steinberg is an installation based artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work investigates social and cultural systems through the use of ordinary, everyday objects that take on new meaning when assembled together. The work is strongly based in collage, using objects, images, words and video clips as a medium. Repetition is often used to create an absurd, dreamlike quality. For Leftovers she has created a momentary space from domestic objects that use weighty elements such as topography and mass production to create a whimsical playscape.

Ben Hall's work provokes participants to consider a situation where disparate materials are reconfigured into something that takes them out of their everyday uses. The materials in this piece are both signifiers of their original purpose and dreamers of a new one. They enter into a dialog with each other and play between the awkwardness of being in an unfamiliar situation and the comfort of knowing they’re meant for each other. This dualism and confusion between the death and life of objects is what drives Ben’s work

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

FRIDAY Feb.26th

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb.23rd and 24th - ART

Kill Devil Hill Presents:
The Doubtful Guest & Tom DeLaney Solo Project

Curated by Ian Cofré

Kate Burnet & Dan Woerner, Nevermind the High Sign, Single-channel video with sound, 8m30s

On view: February 23 + 24, 12:00 - 9:00 PM

Reception: Tuesday, February 23, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

The Doubtful Guest is a group exhibition that borrows its title from the Edward Gorey classic about an unwanted guest that appears on a "wild winter night." The oddity overtakes the space, and though its curious behaviors seem off-putting at first, the residents are forced to become comfortable with it because "to this day, It has shown no intention of going away." The metaphor holds for contemporary art in general, and specifically in this instance, as the show takes over the antique store, Kill Devil HIll in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, outside the familiar art context to present the work of eight NYC-based artists.

The works exhibited here have an immediate sense of domestic bliss that gives way to characteristics of the erratic disarray of the doubtful guest. There is a tension in the selected pieces between the utterly benign and the sinister that aims to reveal the beauty apparent in controlled chaos. There will also be a special performance by Kate Burnet & Dan Woerner, and a site-specific window installation by Greenpoint-based artist, Gabriela Galván.

Participating Artists:

Silvina Arismendi, Erin Beaver, Kate Burnet & Dan Woerner, Christopher Chiappa, Gabriela Galván, Jayson Keeling, Leah Raintree

Project Space:

Tom DeLaney Solo Project

Baby Dinosaurs Vs. Extinction, 2010, Graphite on paper, 15” x 12 ½”

Tom DeLaney (b. 1977 - Tallahassee, FL) is a Brooklyn-based artist who takes visual samples and segments of ordinary life to elevate them into contemplative objects with deft drawing skill. This is Tom's first solo show, presenting recent works and selected pieces from the past four years.

Ian Cofre is a Brooklyn-based, independent curator, working primarily with emerging artists. With the founders of Kill Devil Hill, he recently co-organized The Menus of Chanterelle (2010), a retrospective of the unique menu collection designed exclusively for the pioneering downtown restaurant, Chanterelle, which parallels the last thirty years of contemporary art. Previous shows include Southern Exposure at
Dumbo Arts Center (2009), and The LouvreFRITOS at Cuchifritos Gallery (2008).

Monday, February 15, 2010


HOUNDSTOOTH: POP-UP at Kill Devil Hill

170 Franklin Street

Brooklyn, New York 11222

From Tuesday, February 16, through Sunday, February 21, former Williamsburg fixture HOUNDSTOOTH: FINE VINTAGE FOR MEN will operate a pop-up shop at Kill Devil Hill (170 Franklin Street) in Greenpoint. The shop will be open between noon and 8 p.m. each day.

This six-day appearance will serve as a retrospective of sorts, showcasing never-before-seen pieces from the Houndstooth vault, old favorites on sale for the last time, and even select designer women's pieces from Maria's private collection.

The Houndstooth showroom remains available for private visits by appointment.

Visit for more information. Email to join our email list or to arrange a showroom visit.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Weekend! Eat for the love of V-Day!

11TH - 14TH

A duo of
sweet proportions.

The ladies of


take over
Kill Devil Hill
to fullfill your
sweet cravings
Valentines Day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Subports Tues. Feb. 2nd


You are invited to join us this Tuesday February 2nd, 3-9PM

Kill Devil Hill in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
170 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222 (nr. Java St.)

Refreshments by Kill Devil Mark | Baked Goods and Snacks by Krupnick&Park | Vinyl Snacks by Other Music

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feb.6th. 7th and 8th if your Lucky!

Kill Devil Hill Presents:

The Menus of Chanterelle

Co-Organized by Mary Brockman, Mark Straiton, and Ian Cofre.

A two-day exhibition of the entire 60+ piece collection of menu covers from Chanterelle.*
Design by Merce Cunningham

On display: February 6th and 7th from 1pm-9pm
Reception: February 7th from 5pm-9pm

For over 30 years, David and Karen Waltuck cultivated a unique place in the New York City restaurant world: Chanterelle. Opened in 1979 in SoHo before moving to its more luxurious location in TriBeCa, this restaurant defined downtown fine dining. With the help of the designer Bill Katz, the Waltucks were honored to feature the art of friends and early clients on the covers of their menus.

Each work was created exclusively for the restaurant growing into a one-of-a-kind collection that amounts to the history of Modern Art over the past 3 decades. The Collection will be presented at Kill Devil Hill in its entirety, with the full roster of distinguished contributing artists, photographers, musicians, and writers -- from the inaugural menu by Marisol to a recent, unseen edition by Chuck Close.

Artists Include:
Edward Albee, Donald Baechler, Matthew Barney, Jennifer Bartlett, Gretchen Bender, Ross Bleckner, James Brown, John Cage, Vija Celmins, Francesco Clemente, Chuck Close, Cosby & Henderson, Merce Cunningham, Lynn Davis, John Dugdale, Donald Evans, Eric Fischl, Allen Ginsberg, April Gornik, Maurice Grosser, Juan Hamilton, Keith Haring, Howard Hodgkin, Jenny Holzer, Gregory Hull, Michael Hurson, Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns, Cletus Johnson, Bill Katz, Ellsworth Kelly, Annie Leibovitz, Julian Lethbridge, Tom Levine, Roy Lichtenstein, Glenn Ligon, Robert Longo, Andrew Lord, Robert Mapplethorpe, Marcel Marceau, Marisol, Francoise Morellet, Malcom Morley, Elizabeth Murray, Louise Nevelson, Daniel Oates, Philippe Petit, Richard Prince, Robert Rauschenberg, Susan Rothenberg, Julian Schnabel, David Seidner, Jack Shear, Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson, Kiki Smith, Mike and Doug Starn, Kunie Sugiura, Philip Taaffe, Virgil Thompson, Cy Twombly, Kara Walker, Robert Wilson, and Terry Winters.

For inquires please e-mail Mary Brockman at:

* A limited selection will be available for sale.


Kill Devil Hill is an antique shop specializing in historical items with a unique story. During February and March, we are embarking on a new project called Kill Devil Hill Presents. For two months, our space will be transformed into gallery shows and various pop-up shops by local artists, entrepreneurs, and creators. We are thrilled to inaugurate the project with such an amazing piece of New York history.

Mary Brockman is a co-founder of Kill Devil Hill.

Mark Straiton, born in rural Connecticut, is a co-founder of Kill Devil Hill, and a world-renowned Disc Jockey.

Ian Cofre is a Brooklyn-based independent curator, working primarily with emerging artists. Previous shows include The LouvreFRITOS at Cuchifritos Gallery (2008) and Southern Exposure at Dumbo Arts Center (2009).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Take over Kill Devil Hill

We would first like to say
"This is our favorite Vintage Shop!!"

Houndstooth will be selling their
amazing collection


As well as displaying never before
seen pieces from the
Houndstooth Vault.

Saturday, January 23, 2010