Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday March 2nd : ART

Kill Devil Hill Presents: Leftovers

Participating artists; Lillian Gerson, Rachel Steinberg, Ben Hall and Dave Whelan

Reception: Tuesday, March 2nd, 6:00 - 10:00 PM

170 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY.Each of the works in Leftovers concerns itself with the transformation of twice displaced debris, displaced once from its original function and again from its discarded setting. Through castoff materials, both industrial and domestic, the artists allude to the potential of the forgotten. At times infused with social commentary, the works envision a future both threatening and hopeful. The artists breath new life into found objects, commonplace materials, and lost landscapes.

Recently Gerson's work has been concerned with methods of display and information distribution. She often deals with the language of institutional authority, especially as employed by museums. Display cases, vitrines, shelving, detailed labeling, and lighting all create a platform for what we understand to be reality. Gerson mixes this clinical language with information that may or may not be true, data that is unbelievable or wholly invented. For Leftovers, Gerson has physically fused the real and the invented. These meticulous hybrids allows the viewer to intimately know and understand the minute and banal.

"I trust the spiritual, dream-like haze, the delusion that lingers after disaster: a mixture of hope, idealism and nihilism." Here, Dave Whelan exhibits photographs from his latest site-specific painting. Hidden along Boston's rocky coast are the remains of several WW2 military bunkers. Once an outpost for young soldiers searching for German submarines, these bunkers are now frequented by teenage vandals, summer sweet hearts and dreamers alike. Whelan's paintings wait patiently for the next explorer to arrive.

Rachel Steinberg is an installation based artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work investigates social and cultural systems through the use of ordinary, everyday objects that take on new meaning when assembled together. The work is strongly based in collage, using objects, images, words and video clips as a medium. Repetition is often used to create an absurd, dreamlike quality. For Leftovers she has created a momentary space from domestic objects that use weighty elements such as topography and mass production to create a whimsical playscape.

Ben Hall's work provokes participants to consider a situation where disparate materials are reconfigured into something that takes them out of their everyday uses. The materials in this piece are both signifiers of their original purpose and dreamers of a new one. They enter into a dialog with each other and play between the awkwardness of being in an unfamiliar situation and the comfort of knowing they’re meant for each other. This dualism and confusion between the death and life of objects is what drives Ben’s work

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