Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Night March. 20th

Eight Count Catalog

Eight Count Catalog is a curation of eight separate artists exploring different avenues within the creative process. This work has been collected in a book, or catalog format, making the art accessible to a wide audience of people. The book will be roughly 45 pages and include photography, drawing, collage, and writing samples from the eight different artists. Artists are featured below with links to reviews and samples of their work.

By: Katie Hegarty and Alexandra Barlow

BOOK RELEASE PARTY: Saturday March 20th 6pm-10pm

*Limited copies for purchase

Artist Include:

Angie Nagel: Writer

Calvin LeCompte: Artist/Musician

Christelle De Castro: Photographer

Clip’d Beaks: Band

Clynton Lowry: Artist

Damacio Ruiz: Performance Artist

Kylea Borges: Artist

Yudi Echevarria: Photographer

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